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    • More Than Religious Series 4/20/2014

      This Week's Message: Easter Goes Way Beyond Religious

    • Grace Notes

      Hearing From God This Easter
       Our focus this Easter is creating a desire to hear from God and to enter into a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING in our spiritual walk. To help you take a step in that direction we are encouraging the: Hearing From God - the one meal fast appointment. Here’s how it works: Give up one meal a week. In that time - about an hour - find your Bible and journal. Ask God 2 questions: 1) What do you want to reveal to me? 2) How would you have me respond to this difficult situation. Record what you sense God is speaking into your heart through his Word, worship, listening and prayer. The value is not in eliminating food, but in using the time during which it would be consumed to pursue God and seek from him what he so longs to provide. During Easter Week, we look forward to sharing how God how God has spoken to our hearts. Call unto me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you do not know. Jeremiah 33.3

      Missionaries, Steve and Bonnie Aldrich
      Steve and Bonnie are with us next Sunday. They are former missionaries to Bogota, Columbia, and have been serving in leadership development with Over Seas Crusade and Lifeworks, in Colorado Springs for almost 30 yrs. As one of our missionaries we support, we look forward to hearing what God has been doing in their ministry and around the world with the gospel.

      Childrens Ministry Workshop
      We want to invite every Children’s Ministry person to a workshop / cookout at the home of Melodie Rolsten on Sunday, April 27 @ 630p. Bonnie Aldrich has served in Children’s Ministry for over 30 yrs, will lead the mini workshop. She has won several awards nationally for leadership and development in working with children and children’s leaders. Please contact Melodie Rolsten to confirm you will be attending. Any interested person is also welcome to attend.

      Child Dedication
      Children are a precious gift from the LORD and we as parents are stewards of what he has been entrusted to us. We invite you to be part of dedicating your child to God on Mother’s Day, May 11. Please submit your child’s full name, date of birth and parent’s names on the Connection Card, email, or contact Brent Rolsten directly.

      Water -Can Walk
      Through the efforts of Foothold International, the ministry of Brad and Cherie Catron, we invite you to participate in rasing money to purchase bio sand water treatment systems in East Kenya. One bio sand filter water system costs $35 and serves one family, providing 15 gallons of usage per day. Clean water is essential for health in every culture. The fund raising event is on Saturday, April 26, 9a @ the YMCA. More details are located at the Information Table in the Foyer.

      Capital Transformation Fund
      God is always at work to advance the message and ministry of Jesus - and the great thing about it is that he wants to do it through us.  In order to get into position for the next step God wants to do through us, we want to begin to set aside whatever offering is given on the  5th Sunday of the month. That 5th Sunday happens 4 times a year.  We will put those offferings into our Captial Transformation Fund to begin to prepare for the future ministries God has for us and to be able to expand the ministry he already has given to us.  Of course, you can give to the Capital Fund at any time, but our leadership is committed to using the 5th Sunday resources to move forward in our faith.  We are trusting God to meet our budget needs as we look to him for the future
      New York City Relief Mission
      NYCR Mission centers around a Relief Bus that responds to God’s heart for the poor and broken by going to the streets to offer food, compassion, and connections to resources that lead to life transformations.  This mission is about a hands on opportunity to connect the ministry and message of Jesus to those without hope.  The mission is May 13-17 and an estimated cost of less than $500.  Please indicate on the Connection Card your interest in finding out more information or contact Brent Rolsten. 
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      Christ has indeed been raised, the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep. For since death came through a man, the resurrection of the dead comes also through a man. For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive.
      1 Corinthians 15:20-22/NIV
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